Monday, November 21, 2011

Charmed Prints QAL

Well, it's off and running. I haven't selected all of my fabrics yet, but I'm not worried about winging it. For once! I really just need to select borders, binding and flange binding, which I think will be easier once the top is together anyway.

As usual, I had to make things harder on myself. My first block is this star with red gingham. Only thing is, this gingham is really sear-sucker, so it has some stretch to it. EEK! As you can see this star is a little wonky. I think it will be fine once I sew it to the borders.

Here is my second star, much easier with regular woven fabric. Phew.

Again, I used a little of that sear-sucker for this Greek-cross. It didn't turn our quite as wonky.

Lastly, this cross uses regular woven fabrics.

I love how they all look together too. Overall I am really happy with how the gingham looks.

On the other hand, I am regretting choosing that linen. It looks great but it's fraying A TON! Not good, not good at all. I thought since it was $10 a yard, which is a little pricey for JoAnns, it would be good quality. Not sure if it's just the nature of linen or if I really should have ordered some Essex Linen online. Any opinions out there?

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  1. I love your fabric choices so far! I can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  2. You're brave with that seersucker, Rebecca! But the blocks are super cute!

  3. Just as I thought - I am LOVING that gingham! Your blocks look fantastic! And I am really excited to see what you choose to fussy cut since you're using the charms I just shipped out. What fun!

    Linen - I only used the Essex linen and I haven't really had any problems. In general, I love working with linen (I used a couple colored linens too) and can't recall any issues with excessive fray?