Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Saturday Night

And I've had a full day of quilt work.

The guild had sew-day today and I was able to cut Peacock Lane into 160 tumblers, whew! Here are a couple of ones that I fussy-cut. That quilt is on hold for the time being. I did enjoy the Go Cutter, maybe I'll ask for the Baby Go for Christmas. We shall see.

I also had time tonight to work on the layout of my I-Spy charms which arrived on Thursday. The fabrics with the blue post-it's will be feature blocks. Of course it's all subject to change.

Here are the other fabrics I'm using:

I'm planning to use the gingham for the feature blocks. I will use the natural linen (on the bottom of the stack) for the sashing and other background fabric. The natural fabric with little green flowers could potentially be my backing fabric, not sure yet. I think I'll need a trip to the fabric store for borders and binding though. I'd like to get some colored linen. Hopefully I can get some blocks done for my Wednesday WIP post.

Also this week I had time to finish my tree pants. Just in time for the tree which will be going up on Friday. Now to finish knitting that St. Nick's sock for the baby...


  1. Your fabric selections and ginghams look fantastic! I used the natural linen too and am so glad I did. Linen in the border would be cool too. Thx for joining in!

  2. Yay for a productive day! Sorry I couldn't be at the sewing day - I wanted to come but my husband had work to do and couldn't take care of the kiddos.

  3. @Lee
    We missed you Lee. Hoping you can make it to the Art vs Craft show this weekend. We are going to try and meet up and have lunch together.