Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello there Wednesday. I'm very thankful it's only the middle of the week.

I'm making good progress on my zig zag quilts. This one is awaiting quilting, but first I need the thread to arrive. Thanks to my guild buddy Lee, I tested out some different weights of Aurifil thread. I really liked the 12 wt, it fit through my machine and all, however it's hard to come by in the colors I needed. So I decided to go with the 28 wt. I'm going to try doing more of my quilting with this weight as I enjoyed how it showed off the stitches so well.

As you can see, I also learned how to machine applique this weekend. Again, thanks to my guild ladies, who walked me through the process. I love how cute this little porcupine turned out. Applique is really putzy, but I enjoy the flair it adds to a simple quilt.

I've also been plugging away at my embroidered bag. The vegetable side is done and I've started on the fruit side. Still really enjoying it. Not sure what I'll make next.

Next up is the other zig zag quilt, that one will have a giraffe on it. Back to the Sparkle Punch quilt after that.

Hope you're getting your WIP's done too.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making great progress

I'm here with a good progress report for the week!

I've gotten all but one row of my HST's for a zig zag quilt done. Next I have to lay them all out to sew the top. I'm hoping to try some applique this weekend but I need a little help from my friends so I'm taking this project to my MQG's sew day on Saturday. Should be fun.

Embroidery is coming along well too. I've moved on from my practice piece to this farmers market bag. Loving it already! It's super fast and fun to do whilst watching Downton Abby. I'm watching it all over again with my mom, who was also hooked after 15 minutes of watching.

I have some plans to make some charity pillow cases and a bee block over the next few days, better get cracking!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday, Again

Yep, it's time for a quick bloggy update. This would have been a post-less week were it not for Lee at Freshly Pieced. It's going by fast, that's for sure, and I've actually gotten a lot done.

Here is my progress on my Sparkle Punch quilt. These 8 colors are done, I've got 6 to go. It seems I miscalculated a bit and cut out way too many squares from my star colors fabric. I have enough squares to make 11 whole stars and I only need to make 6 from each color/pattern. Oops, guess I'll have a bunch of 4 1/2" squares left over! I'm sure I can find something to make with them. I might use them for the back.

My mistake has actually given me a much needed push to get going on this quilt, I was feeling overwhelmed before, not anymore! It may have to be put down for a while though, since I have two baby showers in March that I am making quilts for. Gotta get on that!

Of course since I have nothing else to do in my life (not!), I picked up a new hobby, embroidery. It's quite fun actually! I mentioned before that my mom was gonna teach me and she did. We didn't quite get to watching Downton Abby together, but that will come too. I just know she is going to love that show as much as I do. She's a bit of an anglophile like me and what's more British then embroidering whilst watching Downton Abby??

Well that's all for now, can't wait to see what everyone else is working on. I'm linking up with Lee.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP, still in my head

Well I'm still working on my Sparkle Punch quilt, it's going to be a while, I can tell. No big deal, right?

So in the mean time, I am thinking about a couple of special babies that will be born this year and they miraculously have the same color schemes for their nurseries. I'd really like to try a zig zag quilt, I just need to work on the dimensions in order to buy fabric. I also want to try something new and applique an animal, such as a giraffe onto each quilt. Totally excited for that.

Here's the color palate:

Kona: tangerine, mocha, papaya, lagoon and snow. The dots are from the Remix collection, gonna use that for the back.

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Yep, got some Bee blocks done. I feel obligated to get those done before I work on my own stuff.

Both are from the 99 Modern Blocks book, this one called Pogo Stick. It was pretty easy and our Bee host had all the fabric cut so it went super fast.

Familiar, no? This is Stargazing and of course for me, it was no biggy.

This week I'll be plugging away at my Sparkle Punch quilt. I've got the MQG meeting on Tuesday so I'll get another Bee block to work on and I'm sure I'll be all jazzed up from all the inspiration I get from those gals.

I mentioned last week that my mom and I are going to do some embroidery. Well she was determined to find this blanket that my aunts embroidered for my brother. Not only are there amazingly beautiful embroidered blocks that make up the quilt, but it's HAND quilted. And not just any old quilting, there are shapes quilted right in! It's really remarkable. Pictures coming soon. The aunt, actually my great aunt, that put it all together is still alive (she's 82) and I can't wait to call her up and talk to her about it.