Sunday, February 5, 2012

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Yep, got some Bee blocks done. I feel obligated to get those done before I work on my own stuff.

Both are from the 99 Modern Blocks book, this one called Pogo Stick. It was pretty easy and our Bee host had all the fabric cut so it went super fast.

Familiar, no? This is Stargazing and of course for me, it was no biggy.

This week I'll be plugging away at my Sparkle Punch quilt. I've got the MQG meeting on Tuesday so I'll get another Bee block to work on and I'm sure I'll be all jazzed up from all the inspiration I get from those gals.

I mentioned last week that my mom and I are going to do some embroidery. Well she was determined to find this blanket that my aunts embroidered for my brother. Not only are there amazingly beautiful embroidered blocks that make up the quilt, but it's HAND quilted. And not just any old quilting, there are shapes quilted right in! It's really remarkable. Pictures coming soon. The aunt, actually my great aunt, that put it all together is still alive (she's 82) and I can't wait to call her up and talk to her about it.


  1. Rebecca: Your bee blocks are fantastic and I can't wait to see the photos of your aunt's quilt.

  2. Love the bee blocks! I have been eye-balling that book for a while.. So far, I've managed to NOT buy it. lol I love that Stargazing block, too! So cute.