Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP, exciting news!

Is the week flying by or what??

Still working on binding my quilt from last week but I got a ton done at my guild's sew day.

I finished this block for my local guild bee. I'm getting better at wonky, but still not entirely comfortable. Thank goodness for bees, they get me out there trying new things!


I basted my Starry Punch quilt for the hubs, going to get quilting on that soon, but I might save it for retreat, not sure yet.

I also finished my Dead Simple quilt top, only a million years late. Super excited with how I'm going to quilt it, although I'm a little disappointed I don't have the serpentine stitch. I have 400 other stitches though. Argh. 

Working on my first zipper pouch for the Zakka Style SAL. It's looking pretty awesome so far. Gotta try out that zipper foot later this afternoon.

In other news, I've taken over the Milwaukee Modern Quilt Guild's Facebook page. I've got all sorts of ideas for making us more present out there! Will keep you posted.

I'm also excited to have a real marketing person look at my blog, I'm hoping she can really spruce it up. Which will be just in time guest posting on Lee's blog. That's right, I'll be doing my first guest post in August and I'm ridiculously excited to do this.

TTFN, I'm linking up!


  1. Oooh, love your Zakka pouch! Nice red and gray there. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )

  2. Guest post?! How awesome! WTG!!