Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP and should-be finish

As expected, I *finished* this quilt last weekend. This is probably the most densely I've quilted to date. Of course, I love it and of course it's a gift. It was really fun to work with pink too, not much pink in my house. 



The last step for me is washing the quilt. Well I've already washed it twice and the Dritz chalk I used hasn't completely come out yet. ARGH! I even soaked it in Oxy Clean and there are still some green chalk marks. Of course now I read the terrible reviews online that say the chalk doesn't wash out. How can chalk NOT wash out? Sure I've heard some of the markers don't always wash out, but chalk? Apparently this chalk is waxy. Great. And here I thought I had an easy way to mark lines all over my quilt to keep the quilting straight. Anyone have any better suggestions, either for getting the chalk out or for a better product?


I also finished these Picture Perfect Polaroid blocks for the swap. Super cute, I am excited to make something out of them. I'm thinking pillows or maybe placemats.

Other than that, it's bee block week. I've been busy working on bee blocks so that I can move on to my next quilt. That one is top secret so I won't be able to show you anything. I'll try to work on some of my other UFO's to keep my blog moving.

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  1. Rebecca: The quilt is GORGEOUS!!!!! I do hope you can get the chalk marks out...and I agree, I would want to keep it myself if I were you!!!!

  2. Uggh on chalk marks... Years ago, I made a dark green and purple, queen sized wedding gift quilt and was appalled when I removed it from the dryer and the white chalk marks were all still there. I scrubbed it by hand and finally got them out. I had to have damaged the fabric, but after another washing I couldn't see the fuzziness or the chalk... Thanked my lucky stars after that one.

    I have never had a problem with the blue Dritz markers, as long as you don't iron over them, but I am now hearing people have issues, not sure what they are but they are no longer using them, either...

    Masking tape works for straight line quilting...

    This is a gorgeous quilt, no matter, hope it comes out!