Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Wow, it took me an hour and a half to just sew this little pencil case.  Everything was cut already. Talk about issues.

Vinyl is clearly my new enemy. Ugh. I'm using the tutorial from Make it Love it to assemble these pouches for Christmas gifts. I thought her tip of using tape on the feet of my machine would get the vinyl to slip right through. WRONG! So then I tried freezer paper, that worked but pulling the paper off was a pain. I decided to try tape, well that worked but it was still hard to peel off the tape. I think the tape is the lesser of two evils, but it's still going to take me forever to make these pouches. Ugh.

I did learn a great tip on how to machine sew buttons and that worked great. All you do is drop the feed dogs and manually adjust your zig zag stitch to fit in the button holes and voila! Buttons in seconds. No hand sewing, super sweet.

Will look pretty cute with pencils stuffed in it's mouth!!

Now I need a break, back to working on my socks.

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  1. Rebecca, do you have a foot with teflon on it? The bottom of the foot will look like it has little greyish pads on the bottom, or you should be able to get some teflon pads for one of your plastic feet. Do a google search for Teflon sewing foot, tons will come up.

    1. I checked and I don't have a teflon foot but coincidentally I'm going to my sewing machine store tomorrow, I'll check if they have one. Thanks for the tip Bethany!