Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Another week, another hump day. Not to mention more darn rain. It's getting a little sickening staying inside all the time. Especially when your 2 year old is refusing to nap and is being rather demanding. I'm hoping it's his two-year molars and that he hasn't given up naps before the new baby arrives.

In any case, check out what was sitting on my front lawn eating a bunny. This guy! My husband opened the front door to go on his morning bike ride and this Cooper's hawk puffed up and screeched at him. Needless to say he went around to the back door. Now I know why I haven't seen as many chipmunks and bunnies around, these hawks must be taking care of them.

We had our monthly guild sew day on Saturday and I got a ton done! I'm still working on a secret quilt, but I also got most of the strips pieced for Lee's Bloom Bloom Pow QAL. I am very excited for tomorrow's post when we start cutting out 60 degree triangles and piecing the blooms. Really glad to have recaptured my sewing mojo again.

I should mention that I wasn't really happy with my previous purple selection so I made a trip to my LQS. Thankfully the ladies there helped me, it took us a while though. AND.....I was pleased as punch to see that they had Lotta Jansdotter's entire Glimma collection, including the coordinating solids! YIPPEE! How awesome is that! I bought a yard of the entire collection. Between that and a fellow guilder ordering me some Color Me Retro, I had a great fabric weekend.

I'm sure I'll be back there soon, they were getting Malka's new collection and they had Indian Summer. Since my guild's challenge fabric wasn't in yet, I see another exciting fabric purchase in my future.

TTFN, I'm linking up.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day! I feel like my one year old and I had an off day today too, but I can't pin it on anything. Maybe it was me. Maybe it was him. :) Hope tomorrow is better!

  2. Wow, fabric shopping is the best way to brighten up a day!
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