Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi There.

Well that cold really wiped me out. It turned into a sinus infection and since I can only take Tylenol and regular Sudafed, I didn't get much relief. My pounding headache meant a lot of resting for me. I lost almost two weeks to this beast.

But alas, I am doing Lee's Bloom Bloom Pow QAL, rainbow style. Nothing can keep me that down!

This is my first quilt pulled almost entirely from my stash. Unfortunately I really didn't like any purple combos so I'm making a trip to my LQS this week to get a better purple combo. My mom had an "aha" moment when she said, "I see why you keep buying more fabric." LOL, yep, even when you have a ton, you still could be missing something that ties the whole quilt together.

Besides cutting this quilt, I whipped up a couple of bow-ties for the boys for Easter. Unfortunately one of the bows was lost, not on my watch of course. Hoping it still turns up...grrrr.

I'm linking up!


  1. Love your fabric choices and that's a cute picture of the kids.

  2. Oooh, awesome fabric choices! See you Saturday!