Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP, here we go

Well, I just entered this dolly quilt for my niece in the Festival of Scrappiness at Stitched in Color. See my post here for more info.

I also finished a couple of Bee blocks this week.

This one I screwed up the cutting on one unit, whoops! Turns out there is a difference between diagonals. I needed to cut the square on the diagonal before I cut the corners off. Once I cut the corners off, I cut it on the diagonal which apparently was the wrong diagonal so I couldn't sew the corners back on properly. Thankfully the bee host didn't seem overly upset but I sent her some money anyway. I feel terrible about it. The other units and other block turned out great. I hope she doesn't think I'm a complete idiot!

This bee block was for my local bee and I forgot to trim each block to 4" which I didn't realize til after I sewed the borders on. Lots of seam ripping. Thanks to another guild member, I used an eyebrow trimmer to rip seems and it went super fast. What a great tip, you get them from a beauty supply store for super cheap.

Next up....back to the Sparkle Punch quilt. Hopefully I will remember how to make the stars!

Also looking forward to the Zakka Style SAL, I've got plans to make at least two of the projects.

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  1. I think your blocks are all looking great - I'm sure the bee host doesn't mind at all about the mistake. I once cut a quilt's worth of hsts the wrong size and I've done lots of other random things! Love your doll quilt too :)

  2. I love the Bee block! Can't wait to see Amy's finished quilt!

  3. Love your colors in everything- so much fun! Sorry to hear the diagonals gave you trouble.