Monday, May 7, 2012

2 Quilts, 8 Days

Its seems I can perform under pressure! I don't really like to work under pressure, but that's how it goes sometimes, I guess.

These two quilts were washed and wrapped in time for Saturday's party! They were both well received.

This one for my Goddaughter, is a generous twin. It features the main 4 characters of Yo Gabba Gabba in their "lands." The prints are rather loud and busy so I tried to balance this with some borders. I heard this makes my quilt not "modern," but since they are novelty prints (also not modern) it totally doesn't bother me.

I love how the scrappy back turned out, still bright but not overly busy.

For quilting, I tried to follow the general geography of the "land." Rolling hills, trees, pointy mountains and squiggly rocks. I also did some denser quilting in the borders, waves and zig-zags.

The other quilt is about 20" shorter, so still a twin size. Different fabrics, but a similar look. Unfortunately this wasn't completely finished being bound when the picture was taken, but my handy dandy quilt holder had to go out of town on business. I had to take these pics before I went and gave the quilts away!

I also made a scrappy back, I think this one turned out even better. 

Zig-zags were the theme for quilting. Big ones for the larger strips of fabric and denser ones for the borders. Switching thread color added even more dimension. Very happy with how it turned out.

Now onto another last-minute project, a mother's day present for my mom and then a baby quilt for a shower the following weekend.


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