Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Still working

I'm still working on my secret quilt. I am able to show you the pieced back I made. That smudge is a part of the secret top, I'll be able to reveal that in the future. I love how bright and colorful this quilt is. I am excited to get to quilting it!

Although I don't have much in the way of quilting to show you, I have Guild sew day this weekend, so I should have some great progress to show you next week.

I also have been working at getting things together for our first guild challenge. Super excited. Read all about it here.


TTFN, linking up!


  1. LOL, love that smudgy back!! I wish I was coming to the sew day, I'll miss you guys!

  2. You cracked me up with the smudgey block. :)