Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I didn't have much progress last week so it wasn't worth posting. But I'm back!

I finished one of my Star Wars Quilts.


And it's already been put to good use. Here's the happy recipient.


I also finished this postage stamp block for my local guild bee and then proceeded to lose it. I know it's hiding somewhere in one of my piles but sheesh, I'm kinda embarrassed. I don't usually lose things. I thought the block was pretty easy though and I learned a new technique. We used Elizabeth Hartman's fusible interfacing method. It was a breeze! Gosh I love her.


On to my WIP. I'm in the midst of this Milwaukee quilt for the Mod in Milwaukee Challenge. I'm very excited with how it's looking so far. I need to even up these rows and put spacers in between. Then I am adding the lakefront and a HST-type border. We've got guild sew day this weekend so I'm hoping to get a lot done.


The weather has been extremely nice, so today I spent some time pulling out dead plants and trimming back other plants. Hopefully I won't fall asleep in choir practice today from all the fresh air!

I'm linking up!


  1. oh that star wars quilt looks terrific - & well loved already! Great job!
    Postage stamps? Wow! Tiny! Very ambitious!

  2. beautiful postage stamp block! I hope you find it soon :)