Wednesday, November 28, 2012


why we can't just ignore life and sew all day?  I'm really having one of those weeks where I'd rather just pretend things aren't blowing up all around me. It'll get better soon, I hope.

In the mean time, I am feeling extremely lucky that the placemats I was coveting on Flickr in the Modern She Made 2 Swap are MINE!!! They came from England yesterday!! Along with these awesome coasters and basket full of chocolate. I'm going to tear into these chocolates real soon. My partner was Jennie who blogs over at JenniesThreads. I'm still a little in shock that I actually got what I was secretly hoping for. YAY! Twice now, I've had really great partners, I'm definitely doing this swap again. I can only hope my partner likes her mini quilt and pin cushion too.

Now on to what I'm working on this week. I've been making these embroidered zip pouches for gifts. I had to try to patterns before I figured out which would work best. No surprise, I'm going with an Elizabeth Harman pattern. She's really great and her patterns make so much sense to me. 2 pouches down and 4 to go!


Coming up is an iPad case, I bought a pattern at a Black Friday sale that I couldn't resist. I'm also going to make some monster pencil cases for Christmas gifts.

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  1. Those placemats are lovely - so glad you got what you dreamed of. Looks like you're making good progress on the pouches too. Hope you have fun with your gifty sewing.

  2. You got lucky with the placemats; very nice and the pouches make great gifts.

    1. Thanks, I hope my friends like them!

  3. Visiting from freshly pieced. WOW you are so lucky that is an amazing swap. I am astounded with your partners skills.