Wednesday, November 7, 2012


2 sides binded, 2 sides to go. I'm no longer panicking about this baseball quilt. In fact, I think it's looking pretty good.

Machine appliqueing those logos was pretty easy, aside from running out of thread during naptime, argh. The red twill tape was a bit more of a struggle. For the cross seams, I sewed the ends together to prevent fraying and then I laid them under the curved "seams" to get them positioned. That meant I had to move the curved seam to the side to tack down the cross seams. Getting the curved seam over the cross seams wasn't to bad, it was just hard to keep the stitching in the middle of the twill tape. Overall I'm happy with the results.

I used Aurifil 20# white thread for the quilting and surprisingly, there was nary a pucker even though the stitching was close and I was moving the quilt all over the place. The back is just a RK novelty baseball print. Should be finished and washed in time for Saturday.

I also started a Mariner's Compass block, "Which Way North," for the Modern She Made Swap 2. It took a bit of calculating to get the rainbows right but it's all cut out and ready to go. I'm going to make some sort of border too. I'm leaning towards another HST border. Again, I won't have any problem meeting my 11/15 deadline. Then it's on to Christmas presents. Yay.

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