Friday, August 5, 2011

Block 11

Block 11 is done. This block used strips of fabric sewn together to make a sort-of new piece of fabric. I absolutely love how the strips look. Overall it was a pretty easy paper-pieced block to make. I have really taken to paper piecing.

Wow, I can't believe there is only one block left. Super sad. But it looks like a great paper-piecing block. I'll have to see how big this quilt is and decide if I want to make some extra blocks, I certainly have enough fabric left. I do want to make a matching pillow too. It'll just tie the room together.

I found another cool flickr group to join, Modern Crosses Get-Together. I can't wait to make this quilt, ever since I bought the book "Modern Log-Cabin Quilts", I've been in love with it! Might be a good use of the Modern Meadow fabric I just bought. I think the pattern will keep the collection looking feminine, even though there is so much navy in the colorway.

Perusing the quilting blog world, I am really inspired as usual. After this quilt is done, I'm going to really start linking up to other blogs and start a plan for blogging about my next quilt. I'm going to work on the Milwaukee Modern Quilt Guild Robert Kaufman Solids Challenge quilt next. I'm going to abbreviate that quilt to RKSCQ. Anyways, I've got a big bike ride planned for tomorrow, gotta get some decent sleep. Over and out.


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