Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Only Saturday

...and I feel like I've gotten so much done! It's a two post week, shocking I know.

So first up...I finished my Summer Sampler, yay. I looooove how it turned out.

Next, look what came in the mail:

This totally inspired me to get things going with the bee I'm organizing for the guild. At the meeting we had a couple of new members which was great. They are joining the bee and with some of the other regulars, I think I'll be able to get 12 members for a years worth of blocks. Super excited, I even got our flickr group started.

Yesterday I cut up 186, 4" blocks for the Thomas quilt. Hopefully, I'll figure out how I want to arrange them. Of course they can't be random, way too scary for me.

I also sewed one row of my Dead Simple quilt so that I could get some dimensions for backing fabric. A local children's clothing designer is having a factory sale and they always sell their fabric for super cheap so I'm hoping to find something that matches.

Went apple picking today...gotta make some sauce this week. These lovely apples sure are tasty.

Making progress on this Christmas sock for the little one to match the older one's. Baseball in the postseason has led to some knitting, it keeps the nervous hands busy.

Looking forward to showing you more progress on Wednesday.

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  1. The Summer Sampler looks FAB! Looking forward to the bee! : )