Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yay, it's Wednesday

That means it's time for another post.

Starting out with my know it's been a weird growing season when you get an entire bag of green tomatoes! I hope that they turn red, but if not, I'll make salsa verde. There are strong winds and frost heading our way so I thought it was time to pick what was out there. This weekend I'll be cutting back the beds, along with making applesauce and salsa. Sounds good to me.

I've completely cut out my Thomas quilt...all 187 squares and meticulously arranged them. I think with a red border, this quilt is gonna be awesome. I'm sure my toddler will flip out over it. Nothing is more rewarding.

I've completed three rows of my Dead Simple quilt. The picture does not do the colors justice. I'm really liking it. And I found some wild fabric for the back that matches perfectly. I can't wait till this is done.

Yes, I did. I've purchased a bunch of fabric this week. I bought the entire collection of Peacock Lane and most of Little Apples. Both were on sale this week and I couldn't resist. It seems that I see these great quilts made with stunning fabrics and then I can't get them anywhere. So I took the plunge. I am going to make a tumbler quilt with the Peacock Lane and a baby quilt for my BFF with the Little Apples. Super excited.

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced!

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  1. Tomatoes...yummy.

    Your fabrics are absolutely beautiful and hope you enjoy playing with them.

  2. I have a little guy who would flip over that Thomas quilt as well. As for me, lovin that stash of fabric. *heaven*

  3. Oooh great choice in colours for the Dead Simple Quilt Along!

  4. From the tomatoes to the quilt to the fabric, it all looks great!

  5. Hi there- It's AnneMarie from Gen X Quilters. I'll send you an email with all the details when the swap has filled. Only a few spots left so probably in the next day or so. Thx!