Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesdays

It's time for another update on what I've been working on. Overall, not too much.

I'm still binding my Summer Sampler, although I only have one more corner to go! It's really looking amazing, I can't stand it. I'm not sure this is going in the basement right away, at least not until I finish another quilt that I can use in the family room.

So here's what's hot on the press...the train play mat. I'm trying to finish it by Saturday for my SIL's wedding. I made a "pocket panel" to hold trains and I need to position it between the two layers of the mat. Stupid me wasn't thinking about how I'll need to sew right sides together and sandwich the pocket panel in between, so I made it the same width as the mat. Ugh, I unfortunately can't just sew around the edge for fear I'd sew through the pocket panel. I want it to be more of a flap and if I catch the edge it won't flap. That means I'll probably have to just sew 3 sides and then topstitch the three layers together. I sure hope it turns out ok. Wish me luck!

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  1. That looks like such a neat idea! Can't wait to see it finished!