Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A couple of finishes and a new club

I finished my Starry Seuss quilt this weekend and it was well received, both by the recipient (well ok, her parents) and my quilt guild. I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out!

Today I finished these blocks for one of my 99 Modern Block Bees. It was a whopper of a paper pieced block and on my first attempt I screwed it up, royally. Usually when you paper piece there is a number for each line you sew, well in this pattern, you start by sewing the line between 1 and 2. I didn't realize this till about 6 rows in (on all sides) so I had to seam rip the darn thing. And of course you lower your stitch count to 1.0 so it took me forever and left nice lines where I had sewn. Hopefully those will come out in the wash. Once I figured out how the pattern repeated it was a snap! They are really sharp looking blocks too.

I joined my first fabric club at my LQS and it's a Kona solids club. Check out this lovely stack of fat quarters. It's the Hot Spice pack. Very cool. At the club I got to meet the inspiring lady who encouraged the shop to carry the whole Kona line AND to get Malka's "A Stitch in Color" line. We got to see some of her amazing work in person, she does wonderful mini's, including a bunch of portraits. Super awesome. Here's her blog. I also inadvertently met one of my blog followers who I will hopefully get to spend more time with at the guild meeting next week.

It's been a great sewing week so far!


  1. Rebecca: The photos of the quilt are almost as great as it looked in person. The revised blocks look great and I'm drooling over the solids bundles.

  2. Love, love, love Starry Seuss! I'm waiting to find the perfect pattern so I can cut into all my Seuss fabrics...for now, I'll just admire them!

  3. How is it that I never knew Carol had a blog?? I've been admiring her stuff on Flickr for ages! How fun that you met her, I hope you thanked her for getting the store to carry Kona and Malka's line. : )

  4. Same here, Lee! I love her minis. I actually worked up the nerve to ask her (via Flickr mail) to join our guild, but never heard back. I didn't want to pester but if you know her, Rebecca, maybe she would like to join. Or, maybe she could be a speaker? We'd have to work out the details for payment or something but I would love to meet her.