Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP, almost finished.

It's Wednesday and I was hoping to have finished my Starry Seuss quilt, but it's still a WIP. It will be done by Saturday when I see my Goddaughter. Notice I'm using the Clover Wonder Clips, they are awesome!

I've been having some trouble with the hand binding. Particularly, my thread breaking and I have no idea why. I melted down some beeswax I had leftover from when I was making lip balm and that decreased the frequency, but I still had the thread break. I was using Aurifil 50 weight. Now I'm using Mettler and although it feels thicker, it doesn't seem better. I've never had this problem before. Any ideas out there?

All of my 3 1/2" squares are cut for the Sparkle Punch QAL, so the hubs' quilt is up next. Then I'm tackling zippers with a bean bag chair.

I'm also thinking about trying some hand embroidery with my mom. She's done it before and is itching to get a hobby going again and she feels like she remembers a lot of the knots. I ordered a couple of books from the library so maybe next week I'll have something to show.

My LQS sent out an email and mentioned they received some Malka, A Stitch in Color. I was waffling on this fabric so I went to check it out. I picked up this delicious stack to make her Whirligig pattern with it. I'm going to make it double sided and add some solids in there. I'm trying to decide if I should buy her battiquey solids or just some closely matching Kona solids. I'm going to wait until Kona Club, which starts next Tuesday at the LQS, to decide if I should get the Malka solids or not. What's your opinion?

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  1. It might not be your thread, have you tried changing needles? If it has a sharp part of the eye, it might be breaking your thread - or if its not creating a large enough hole for the thread to go through the fabric? Just a couple of ideas...

    1. Thanks Rachel, I will change my needle tonight!,,

    2. Totally worked, thanks! So how often do you use a new needle?

  2. I'm starting to get into embroidery too but haven't progressed much further than backstitch. If you are looking for a good online source (complete with YouTube clips of the different stitches) then check out -