Thursday, July 21, 2011

Block 5: Paper Piecing!

I happen to love paper piecing! I love that it is so precise and gets you such interesting designs. I had a little trouble positioning the last piece of fabric which led to a bit of wonk with one of my points. This made matching seams in the middle a little hard, but overall I think this block looks pretty good.

I actually finished this block last night but I spent all day at Lake Geneva with some other SAHM's. Even though it was 91 degrees out, there was a pleasant breeze and the water was cool and refreshing. How fantastic! After three days of hiding out in the air conditioning, the lake was just what we needed. The boys are going to sleep really well tonight...and so will I.

And.....tomorrow when I wake up there will be a new tutorial up with a new block to make. Doesn't get much more exciting than this.


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