Monday, July 25, 2011

Halfway Done

That's right, block 6 was finished yesterday which means I'm halfway done with the Summer Sampler QAL. I really loved making block 6. I had to make 60 degree diamonds and then use a little paper piecing to put it all together. The center points came out perfectly on the first try! And I like how using a pattern for the background fabric looks. I decided to do this mainly because I am trying to decide if I can stick to the half-yard bundle I bought or if I need to buy some more solid gray fabric. I think the patterned fabric worked well but for block 7 I'll need to go back to the solid gray. I must admit I am a little intimidated by block 7. I'm going to wait till tomorrow to start since I saw some chatter on flickr about an alternative method to piecing. In any case, I've got the colors figured out, so I'm all set to cut. Hopefully I'll get a good block of time to sew during nap time.

Here is a look at block 7:

And here's the halfway point:

Busy weekend, not much sewing got done. But I was happy to host the Modern Quilt Guild of Milwaukee's BBQ. We had a couple of new faces, which was awesome, and then our usual inspiring bunch. We made plans for a Block Bee and to attend the Machine Quilting show in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll get to the Madison show in September too. Lots of exciting quilting adventures on the horizon! Also looking forward to a quilting retreat in late September.

Of course I should mention there was another "Peaches and Cream" incident. I was at church singing (one of my other passions) and when I got into my car to come home I had a picture text from the hubs. Wouldn't you know it, he got the baby to sit on the blanket and play. Whenever I try to let him play on the blanket he just screams. As he would say, it was "P and C" back on the home front.


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